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Dedicated to providing high quality, cost effective solutions to application specific problems, our product range includes:

ATE and Spring Loaded Test Probes
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ATE Test Fixtures
Speciality Materials
Ceramic Packages
Wires and Foils
Terminals and Feedthroughs
and of course, our Technology Sourcing Service
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ATE Test Probes and Receptacles

As part of our commitment to the ATE industry we offer a wide range of probes from a number of different manufacturers - fully covered by the manufacturers' warranties and guarantees. Each of these products has been carefully selected to combine quality with reliability. We are not a fixture house and are not restricted to one probe manufacturer. This means that we can offer unbiased, independent advice. As a result, we can help you to determine the most efficient, cost effective probe for your application. For you, our customer, that means peace of mind as well as savings in both time and money.

All Types of Probe

Our probes combine a wealth of tip styles, travel, spacings and spring forces and are used in the testing of bare and loaded printed circuit boards and in interfacing test fixtures to automatic test equipment. They can also be used as battery contacts, in slip rings and as minimum insertion force connectors, as well as in many other applications where reliable, repeatable connections are required on a non-permanent basis. Tested to at least 5000,000 cycles and, in some cases, 2,000,000 cycles, they offer optimum reliability and are available in a variety of finishes.
Our catalogue includes ATE, high current, coax, industrial, fine pitch, bladed, pneumatic and switch probes as well as ATE accessories and fixtures.