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Press contact : Lesley Ashburner
Date: 12 April, 2002

ATEK Technology has added microwave air coils to its range of specialist electronic materials. Suitable for microelectronics applications requiring high “Q” and low loss, the coils are used in the production of oscillators, filters, amplifiers, switches and bias networks.

Made by MCI and offered exclusively within the UK by ATEK, these miniscule, state-of-the-art coils offer multi-octave performance and controlled self-resonance. Used within the microwave area in micro strip, coaxial, strip line and “lumped” circuits, they are available in a wide range of materials including gold, silver, nickel copper alloy and copper. They can also be supplied as spaced versions (typically one wire width) or with turns either free or bonded together. The leads, which are usually axial, can also be offered in radial form and can be pre-stripped where insulation has been specified.

Available in various sizes from 0.00095 to 0.0049 inch diameters (wire gauge sizes 50-36AWG), each batch of coils is tested to ensure compliance with specific design requirements. As specialists in the provision of electronics materials and piece parts, ATEK also offers a Technology Sourcing Service for products that are technically challenging or difficult to locate. This is in addition to what is believed to be the industry’s widest range of ATE Test Probes and Receptacles.

Further information is available from Peter Ashburner:

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